Court Madam of Morella


A sadomasochistic paeliryon Baatezu (noble devil) in service to the Leviathan throne as spymaster and court magister; Zee’sum’bajee is confidante par excellence in matters of etiquette, names, schedules, factions and Intrigue regarding the court of Tantlin, to the Lord Levistus.

Zee’sum’bajee is never without her two servile, animalistic petitioners, both human, naked and muzzled, forced to walk on all fours as dogs and be flagellated mercilessly by the paeliryon. That they were former companions and dog-fighters in life is regarded with ironic relish by Zee’sum’bajee.

The devil rarely enters the Prime herself, working through possessers, lesser Baatezu and cultists. Her interest in Vega’s substantial occultism lends credence to rumors of the city’s sinister past.


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