Living Mystara: Red Arrow, Black Shield

The Eyes of Leviathan

The Magister of Stygia returns...

Receiving a true name of a soldier devil recovered in the North Reaches, the results of a long operation by the rogue aspect Chevalier and the Arcane Edge’s Gogeles and Shifter-XIII, Marcellus prepares to go directly to the source against the influx of fiendish activity. Invoking the gelugon ice devil into a dimensional anchor within the compound, Lady Vega interrogates the devil, discovering it has been feeding particularly well- its body swells with teeming souls. Standing by, or at least laying propped up nearby, a weakened Tonerus prepares to unsummon or counter the monster. Outside, Smithee and the other dwarven masons stand by with weapons drawn.

The overfeeding, evolving devil threatens to break its planar bindings, making use of the environment in an effort to degrade the magic circle. It reveals the mark upon it, its master- a set of great eyes within infernal pictographs resembling a set of insectoid pincers. Working through the conduit, the owner of the mark (none other than the Magister of Stygia, Erridon Alaka) lays waste to the gelugon and the chamber as he attempts to obliterate Marcellus with a cascade of magic. Tonerus is able to not-so-much turn as redirect the locus of the spell mantle, woven into the ice mantis’ carapace and soul shell (which in turn consumes it), sending the magical potential arcing through the roof, the Hill, and out into the open air where it tears through the atmosphere and parts the clouds.

Alaka makes his disdain evident, and his confidence supreme, as he taunts the heroes from beyond the Astral. Their efforts cannot stop his bid to power, and the Eyes of Leviathan see all in Its dream of the world. Soon It will wake, and swim every sea that has been prepared for It by the servants of Levistus. Cold and black ice will precede the rapture of waking memories sacrificed to Lotan in the name of the great Beast who knows no fear.

Marcellus’ response is appropriately hers: “we’re still here.”

Immediate news is sent back to the North, and Marcellus once again laments the loss of her imported wood-paneled interior walls…



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