Class-E spherical body

Radius: 6,198 mi
Mass: 2.8 × 10^23 kg
Rotational Period: 24 hours
Orbit Period: 336.19801995 days
Axial Tilt: 24°

Credit goes to the many mages and scholars who contributed to these statistics.


Davania- Cradle of Civilization

The Great Migrations

The First Empires- Skothar

Thonia Seeds the World

Land of the Egg


The Beast-man Wars

The Rain of Fire- Apocalypse and Exodus

Alphatia Arrives

Empire Falls to Entropy
The Red Curse

Broken Chains

Dawn of the Emperors- Alphatia versus Thyatis

A World Stage

The Elf Home Rots

Wrath of the Immortals

End of Imperialism

The Enlightenment

Radiant Dusk

Red Arrow, Black Shield


Brun Continent
Brun could only be considered temperate as the average of its extremely varying conditions. Formerly an inland sea, the Brun continent’s great mountain walls long ago released their waters into the Alatian Ocean, now protecting and nurturing very diverse climates. Arid in its far-western and south-western ranges of the Arm of the Immortals pennisula…(more to come)

Davinia Continent

Skothar Continent


Magic and Mystara

Before Blackmoor
h6. The phenomenon of energy exchange called magic was known to exist before any systematized magecraft sought to break it into spells, levels, tiers, or schools. The first documented magic use, among writing cultures at least, was the Oltec/Tangor people of Davinia, around B.C. 8,000. Possessed of a far longer, otherworldly origin, the magic of Elves is not here counted in Mystara’s history of magic. Dwarves, though still herdsman and not yet deep delvers in rock, had uncanny kindred in the earth and drew their magic from a form of Geomancy, at least as early as B.C.10,000. By B.C. 5,000, the first true intercontinental empire, the Old Thonian Kingdom, writings of such schools as “Thaumaturgy”, “clairvoyance”, “oracularity”, “alchemy”, and “necromancy” first appear. By the time the Thonian Republic’s expeditions founded the outpost of Blackmoor around B.C. 4,000, systems of magic as they are now known began to take shape. The Azcans have followed their Oltec and Tangor descendants, developing a naturalized magic system in keeping with later Shamani and Druid circles. Academic magecraft flourished in universities in the Duchy of Ten, Thonia, and Maus. Vestland’s magics, tied to the mountains and carried by word of mouth of their skalds, was built of rich oral heritage and became the songs and verse of bardic magic. Already ancient following their mythological arrival in the prehistory of the planet, dragons intermingled with, and effected the course of, every living thing on Mystara. Their bloodlines were the roots of innate magic, Sourcery.

Mystaran Astrology

Mystara and the

The Prime
Mystara’s Prime Material Plane shares much in common with the rest of the Prime. Evenly balanced between its constituent elemental material planes (earth, fire, air, and water), it is also unique in its balance between the five governing elemental concepts, or Spheres, that define all of Mystara’s multiverse. These have changed over time as spheres have realigned with the prevailing compositions of their immortal patrons. They are currently the Spheres of Energy, Matter, Time, Thought, and Entropy. The Prime Material Plane has a transitory in the Ethereal Plane, with the Deep Ethereal being the location of Mystara’s Plane of Shadow. The Mystaran Plane of Shadow is therefore only a transitory to the Shadow Planes of other Prime Planes, and is considered an inner, unconnected plane to Mystara. Those who use magicks or powers with a shadow subtype on Mystara are still reaching into this distant plane, despite its lack of direct connection to the Prime Material Plane of Mystara. This ethereal proximity is enough for such powers to work, as the Plane of Shadow on Mystara is only technically a demi-plane of the Ethereal. However, those on the outer planes of Mystara’s multiverse that attempt to use such “shadow” powers are instead reaching into the Nightmare Dimension.(see Mystara’s alternate dimensions)

The Inner Planes
The inner planes of Mystara include the Elemental Planes of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. These elemental planes contain portals to the elemental planes of other Prime Material Planes. Additionally, the Earth Elemental Plane’s connections to the forges of the Denwarf, the Dwarf clans of Rockhome, also connect to the forges of Dwarf clans in other Primes. An inner demi-plane exists, called the Dream Realm by the Atruaghan shamani, the Sidhe Court by the Fair Folk, and many other names by the myriad cultures that have touched it. Whatever it’s title, this Dreamscape is a place where the spirits, memories and subconscious wanderings of Mystara’s natives find themselves.

The Outer Planes
The Outer Planes of Mystara are reachable by first entering the Ethereal Plane, then finding the appropriate portal to an outer plane. The Astral Plane, while a quick means of travel through the Prime and the plane containing all of the Prime (as well as the Ethereal Plane), is more of a barrier between the Inner and Outer Planes than a reliable transitory. The Outer Planes themselves are divided up by the Spheres that comprise the Immortal factions of Mystara. This is not to say that the only Outer Planes of Mystara are those indigenous only to its Prime Material Plane. The most orderly and accessible of the Outer Planes connected to Mystara’s Ethereal Plane, however, are the five “Spheric” planes. Each is a cosmology within itself, it’s matter, life forms, and physical laws a product of being imbalanced to its predominant sphere.


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