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Campaign World: Mystaran Multiverse/ D&D Omniverse

Game Editions: 2eAD&D (1994-2000), 3e/3.5e D&D (2000-2011), Pathfinder 3.5e (2011-Present), D20Hero (2012-Present

Main Settings:
In and around the City-state of Vega in the Known World Region, Sigil and the various Outer Planes, B.C. 2300 via time travel; formerly Karameikos, The Gulf of Hule, Pearl Isles and Ravenloft

Current Date:
08/27/AC 1200, see Calendar Dating of Mystara

A Timeline of Mystara
Welcome to the Come Back Inn

The Story So Far….

The Maverick Cycle
Book 1: Out of the Mists (1994-2000)

Book 2: Seeds of Blackmoor (2000-2008)

Book 3: Mavericks- Fallout (2008-2012)

The Vega Cycle(2012-Present)
Book 1: House of Power
Prologue: The Nucleus Perceives…
Chapter 1: The Curse of Nithia
Chapter 2: The Sojourners
Chapter 3: Kraud
Chapter 4: The First Family
Chapter 5: Memories in Flux
Chapter 6: F
Chapter 7: Jade and Ruby Tears
Chapter 8: Seal the Gates!
Chapter 9: Entente
Chapter 10: Faceless
Chapter 11: Spell-jammer
Chapter 12: Stand Down
Chapter 13: An Arcane Edge
Chapter 14: The Regency Plot
Chapter 15: The Sea of Flames
Chapter 16: An Uninvited Guest
Chapter 17: Maleficium
Chapter 18: Alone in Company
Chapter 19: Join or Die!
Chapter 20: Wolves and the Order
Chapter 21: The Final Act
Epilogue: Crossroads
Book 2: Comeback Inn
Prologue: Aether
Chapter 1: Parted Ways
Chapter 2: In the Year 722 After Rain
Chapter 3: Lands of the Callisi
Chapter 4: Osser
Chapter 5: A Field of Blue
Chapter 6: Glowing One
Chapter 7: Dragoneye
Chapter 8: Battleship
Chapter 9: the Auction
Chapter 10: in Transit
Epilogue: Deliver the Flesh
Book 3: Cityscapes
Prologue: Small Worlds

Main Page

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